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Development Needs

1. Issues in drinage system in Vadamaradchy North DS Division

  • Stagnation of water in the improper drainage system.
  • There are more opportunity for speading of diseases as the result of mosquito breeding.
  • Peoples of the villages are facing many problem in travelling because of badly damaged drainage.

Proposals to mitigate the above issues

  • To make proper leveing and surveying activity in the drainage areas.
  • Reconstruct peoples drainage system in the Vadamaradchy North Division.
  • To be maintained properly.

2. Issues in Retairing wall.

  • Low line Area.
  • Severe flooding in to the Houses during the rainy season.
  • Sea erosion is one of the most improtant environmental problems.

Proposals to mitigate the above issues

  • Reconstruct retainig wall in the low line area.
  • to progect the water stanation in the low line area.
  • To creare proper water channel.

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