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"Our Vision"

"To Provide effective and productive public service to the rising tide of digital citizens "

"Our Mission"

"To uplift the lifestyles of the community in the area through effective sustainable planning and development activities while practicing humanitarian management and co-ordinating the resources in line with government policies "



Divisional Secretariat Vadamaradchy North is at North East of Northern Province of Sri Lanka. The area of the divisional secretariat is 50.2 Sq,Km, It has a boundary consisting 1 Sq.Km lagoon, 15km Sea shore. Its North East boundaries are Palk Starit, South boundary is Vadamaradchy South West Divisional Secretariat Division and Vadamaradchy East A.G.A. division, West boundary is Vali East Divisional Secretariat, Division (Kopay). It is situated in the distance of 34 km from Jaffna town towards North East.


This Divisional Secretaroat cpmsost 120 Villages in 35 Grama Niladhari divisions. Two Urban councils (Point Pedro and Valvettithurai ) and Point Pedro Pradeshiya sabha, 15969 families including displaced families on 2224 are living in this division.


History of Colombo Divisional Secretariat



Role performed at DS

Name From To
Mr.Sinnathamby 1930
Mr.N.Vellupillai 1940
Mr.S.Perumaiyinar 1947
Mr.Vetharaniyaseyon 1948
Mr.Sithamparapillai 1951
Mr.S.Pooranalingam 1955
Mr.J.D.Arnold 1960
Mr.S.Visuvanathan 1965
Mr.Jeyakanthan 1967
Mr.M.Thambimuthu 1969
Mr.S.K.Markandu 1976
Mr.Y.Velumylum 01.03.1978 01.09.1960
Mr.M.Thambypillai 1990 1991
Mr.Srinivasan 01.04.1991 14.06.1992
Mr.S.Murugasampillai 15.06.1992
Mr.A.Sivasuwamy 1994 2004
Mr.S.Vasanthakumar 2004 24.05.2005
Mr.R.Varatheeswaran 25.05.2005 03.01.2012
Mr.R.T.Jeyaseelan 04.01.2012 31.07.2017
Mr.Alvapillai Siri 01.08.2017 Upto now
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