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Project 1 - Gramodhaya Healt Centre at Thondamanaru


Project Name Construction Gramodhaya Health centre ar Thondamanaru
Type of project Health
Location Thondamanaru South
Cost Rs.5Mn
Source of fund Emergency Northern Recovery Project under Ministry of Economic Devleopment.
Commencing date 04.04.2011
Planed date of completion 15.10.2011
Contractor Vali East Northern Divion M.P.C.S. Ltd
Site area Thondamanaru South
Floor area


Project 2 - Water Supply scheme at Valvettithurai


Project Name Water supply scheme at valvettithurai, UC area
Type of project Water Supply
Location Valvettithurai U.C Area
Cost Rs. 348.57Mn
Source of fund Emergence Northern Recovery Project under Ministry of Economic Development.
Commencing date 08.08.2010
Planed date of completion 07.08.2011
Contractor M/S Squire Mech Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.
Site area Thondamanaru South.
Floor area

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